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"Case Fundamentals teaches the important fundamentals of performing well in consulting interviews. I love how it breaks down daunting case and fit questions into understandable and actionable steps that I can immediately apply. I would definitely recommend it to my peers!”

Deandra Muliawan

Review of Case Fundamentals E-Lecture

“I feel that Case Fundamentals is a
great foundational course for case interviews! It has provided me with frameworks to answer the different kinds of case interview questions. It has been helpful in my interviews as I had a clearer picture on what should be my thought
process when answering such questions.”

Darren Tan

Review of Case Fundamentals E-Lecture

“I felt that the course provided a good vantage viewpoint of the case interview process, which is really good especially for people who are just starting out. The mock case interviews were also really helpful for students to get a flavour of how the cases are like in real-life.”

Calvin Chur

Review of Case Fundamentals E-Lecture



Duo Geng Goh

Expertise: Management Consulting, Case Interviews, Banking and Finance Industry

Lin Hengrui

Expertise: Management Consulting, Case Interviews, Banking and Finance Industry

Kai Ning Lim

Expertise: Assessment Centre, Resume & Interview Skills

Zheng Peng Lim

Expertise: Assessment Centre, Resume & Interview Skills

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