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Resume & Interview

Our flagship resume and interview course aims to equip job seekers with resume writing and interview skills.

Course Overview

Our course aims to help participants understand the important components of a resume and how to write impactful statements so that their resumes can stand out from recruiters. This course also teaches participants how to tailor their resumes to different industries and job descriptions. 

Course Objective

This course is targeted at students and job seekers looking to improve their resume writing and interview skills in preparation for internships or job applications.


*Syllabus is subjected to amendments and updates.

Course Trainers

Bertrand Wong 

Bertrand is a Human Resource Professional at a global multi-national technology company. He also has experience in HR consulting, e-commerce start-ups, FMCG industry and the public sector. Bertrand is the Head of Operations in CareerSocius, and he is passionate about helping others to get closer to the
career they desire and live life to the fullest.

Boon Yu Pei 

Yu Pei is currently a Management Associate at a multinational banking and financial services corporation, where she is in the finance department. Yu Pei also has experience in the accounting, healthcare and telecommunications industries. She is the Head of Finance in CareerSocius, and is also actively involved in the community.

Our Course Package

There are two modes for our flagship course - organisations and institutions can choose between e-lecture or workshop.

Our main product offering is an e-lecture. This e-lecture series includes 3.5 hours of video content and downloadable resources.  

Guided Workshop (In-person and virtual modes via Zoom)
This course is conducted as a 2-hour workshop. This hands-on and interactive workshop covers important resume skills and allows students to explore their personal strengths and identity. Students will practice crafting resume statements and receive feedback on a group level. Participants are highly encouraged to bring along their resumes (should they have one) for them to work on during the workshop, so that our trainers can give advice that is directly targeted to their resumes and maximise relevance of the workshop.

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