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Business Fundamentals

A comprehensive course for non-business studentss to understand basis business terminologies and concepts.

Course Overview

Many job interviewers expect candidates to understand basic business terminologies and concepts. In this course, we will be distilling key business concepts to prepare students for job interviews and case study assessments.

Course Objective

This course is targeted at students and working professionals with non-business backgrounds with an interest in taking up business-related or commercial roles.


*Syllabus is subjected to amendments and updates.

Course Trainers

Kai Ning Lim

Kai Ning is a Human Resource Professional at a multinational fast-moving consumer goods company. She supports the company's marketing function, among other business functions. Kai Ning also has experience in the recruitment sector, having recruited for roles such as Sales, Human Resources, Administration, and various positions in the public sector. She is the Head of Social Impact in Career Socius, and is a trusted consultant in professional branding, resume writing and cover letter writing.

Zheng Peng Lim

Zheng Peng is a Management Associate at a global multi-national technology company where he has held both technical and commercial roles. He is a currently a Systems Architect, designing and digitalizing smart buildings, helping companies with sustainability & energy management. He
has worked with and pitched to leaders from over 100 companies from various industries and segment. Zheng Peng is passionate about human capital and now leads the Assessment Centre workshops. 

Our Course Package

This course is conducted as a 3-hour or 8-hour workshop. This workshop covers the key business concepts and allows students to test their knowledge in an interactive quiz session.

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